About Us

Mr. Naveen Sachar
Group MD


Headquartered in Dubai, Black Bulls Grease & Lubricants Manufacturing LLC is a project of DNP Holdings LTD. With the line of products approved by OEM’s and API, we are renowned for our quality of Lubricants and after sales services. This makes us No.1 choice for our 100% satisfied customers spanning over a decade of undisputed business relationship. We have a proven record of solving challenging lubrication, brake fluid and coolant issues as per the tough standards required from the Automotive, Marine, Agriculture, and Industrial segments since 2006.


To be a Company with Global presence, that Drives Performance Raising the Bar; for Quality of People, Partnerships, Products and Services.


We work together as one company, Putting Clients first, Focused on Innovating to find better ways to meet their needs, Demonstrating Ownership through Initiative, Passion, Trust, Transparency, and Collaboration.  

To deliver high Quality of Products and Services, with an aim to create new Industry Benchmarks, based on strong HSEQ orientation.


  1. QUALITY – Quality as a value is upheld in each of our actions; Quality of Products, People, Processes, and our relentless pursuit to improve our quality of Services and business relationships with Customers, Business partners, Vendors.
  2. TRUST – Trust is more than just a word but a Promise. Trust remains in the Heart of company operations, that emotionally connects our Employees, Partners and Customers to our Corporate Culture.
  3. PASSION – We carry out our work with Passion coupled with flexibility to aim at driving performances that raises the bar, to set new benchmarks.
  4. INTEGRITY – Black Bulls Corporate culture is built on ensuring every employee maintains high personal integrity resulting in independent work ethos.
  5. INNOVATION – Innovation is encouraged within the company, irrespective of the source or size, from the most junior level employee or smallest of scope.
  6. OWNERSHIP – Each Black Bulls employee prides in the fact that he is the Owner of the tasks carried out under his purview.
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