Performance Levels: Meets and exceeds

BMW 1701: BS 3151 Type B, CUNA NC 956-13: FIAT 55523/1, FORD ESE M 97 B 18 C GM EU: L6-368, MAN 324: MERCEDES BENZ 7700.00

A high quality, long-life performance cooling liquid with high level of alkalinity reserve, designed with 50% Mono Ethylene Glycol, highly deionized water and state of art corrosion inhibitor. Recommended for use in cooling systems of all vehicles of all makes and types, operating under severe service at extremely high and low temperature.

Typical properties:

Specific Gravity @ 15 oC ASTM D1298 1.03
Reflex Boiling Point (Dil30% Water), oC ASTM D1120 105
Freezing Point (Dil 30% Water), oC ASTM D1117 -25
pH Value ASTM D1121 8.0
Color Visual Green

Key Features:

  • Outstanding cooling power in all seasons
  • Efficient protection against rust and corrosion
  • Compatible with all elastomers
  • Excellent antifoam ability
  • Non-corrosive to cast iron and Aluminum

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