Performance Levels: Meets and exceeds

DIN-51825-KP1K-20, DIN-51825-KP2K-20, DIN-51825-KP3K-20 ASTM-D-4950 LB-GC


Black Bulls Bemax is a family of greases formulated to meet most automotive and industrial needs. The Bemax ranges include General purpose (GP), Multipurpose (MP), Extreme pressure (EP) and high temperature (HT) to simplify your product inventory.

Bemax Extreme Pressure (EP)

Lithium 12hydroxy-stearate soap thickened for almost any application. Blended with extreme pressure, anti-oxidants and corrosion resistance additives provides Excellent water resistance, excellent shear stability and longer life. Bemax EP is a grease of choice for multi-purpose, extreme pressure applications requiring normal to high operating temperature and loaded machines.

Typical Physical Properties of BEMAX (EP) Greases (EP)

NLGI Grade D217 EP-2
Penetration (Worked 60 Stroke) D217 280@25°C
Thickener Declared Lithium hydroxystearate
Color Visual Amber
Base Oil Declared Mineral Blend
Base Oil Viscosity cSt@40°C D445 200
Temperature of Use D2265 130°C Max
Melting Point D566 >185
Odor Visual Agreeable
Non-Corrosive D1743 Pass
Water Washout 80°C, %, max D1264 <5
Four Ball Wear scar dia, mm, max D2266 0.6
Four Ball EP Weld point, kg, min D2596 250
Oil Separation mass %, max D1742 <5
Storage Temperature* Declared 25°C
Pumpability (Long distance) Declared Fair
Shelf Life* Declared 5 Years


Specially formulated for low/medium speed moderately loaded automotive or industrial applications. Suitable for automotive and industrial machines, plain/rolling elements bearings, marine, agricultural, mining, construction machinery, pumps, conveyors, elevators, chains, pulleys, cranes, shafts, automotive applications where water resistance and good thermal stability required.

Packaging :

0.5 KG        Plastic or metal can (Carton of 24 pcs)
1 KG           Plastic or metal can (Carton of 12 or 24 pcs)
2 KG           Plastic pail
5 KG           Plastic pail
15 KG         Plastic or metal pail
20 KG         Metal pail
180 KG       Metal drum

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